At Limestone, we’re looking to shake up Medford’s coffee scene, add an artisan edge and do things a little differently. We roast all of our amazing coffees in house on our Ambex micro roaster. Commercial Coffee makers? Stale coffee from Airpots? Not us. Each cup from our espresso machine, or our brew bar, is ground fresh and made to order. We’re coffee heads and equipment junkies. La Marzocco, Mahlkoening, Mazzer, Elektra? All on board. And on the brew bar we’ll be running our grinds through Chemexes, Kalitas, Harios, Clevers, Beehouses, Aeropresses, Espro presses, siphons, and cold brew towers. And we’ll run demos and classes on the mouthful of equipment just listed. Atmosphere? Exposed brick walls, a loft, curved staircase, and 50 feet of bar topped with reclaimed 150 year old wood from an old Chicago mill. And all this in a building that’s listed in the National Historic Register.